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Collaboration RusBusinessGroup is an example of successful cooperation of the companies of different types. Under the current globalization conditions, the fusion of services is taking place which helps customers of companies to get a larger set of services in the shortest time possible.

Our main subdivisions at your service are as follows: the ADUX online construction hypermarket, Moscow Door Company, InterEvent, Westdoors, and IT Technologies Group. These companies provide different services to our customers within the single business structure. This contributes to the fact that the customers of RusBusinessGroup do not have to go to other companies to get any additional services. We help to start the business from zero:

- the ADUX construction hypermarket will offer the materials for decoration of the office, storages and other premises, as well as high quality finishing materials;
- Moscow Door Company will securely protect your real estate from break-in;
- Westdoors will also install new-generation doors and locking mechanisms, as well as perform their maintenance and give support;
- IT Technologies Group will let your business enter the Internet area which will only accelerate its development. There is no need to waste time on searching for information about different companies anymore: all our services are gathered under a single project for your convenience. Applying to RusBusinessGroup for assistance, you are sure to receive the professional, high quality and effective service necessary for successful development of your company.