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Doors Westdoors WESTDOORS is a company that specializes in selling new generation steel doors and locking gear. It is these two components – the door and the lock – that we consider to be a cornerstone of any premise. Taking care of security of our customers and their property, we offer various options for protection of the premises.

Steel doors are reliable companions for any residential building – an office, a house, a cottage or a storehouse. Steel, being an alloy of metals, has a high degree of protection and durability. In our work, we carefully check the hardware delivered to us, this is why our doors are so popular and known to consumers. All the materials that are used for their manufacturing are quality tested: it allows our company to guarantee their reliability and performance. With WESTDOORS, you will be confident that your premise is safe, secure and protected from now on. Apart from ensuring security, the doors from WESTDOORS perform some other functions: they can give an expensive and high-quality appearance to any premise. Besides, their appearance itself will pleasantly surprise you with elegance and respectability. There are various decorative elements available for the doors which will help to create a unique design for each of our customers.

WESTDOORS is not only about doors. We understand how important it is to ensure protection with a secure lock as well. This is why we cooperate with such internationally known manufacturers of locking gear, as Mul-T-Lock, MOTTURA and some others. Both the door and the lock become single entity in the hands of our employees to guard your property reliably.