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Moscow Door Company Moscow Door Company is one of the leaders in the door hardware sales market. We united quality, design and reliability in each of the doors we make, for you to get your individual order fulfilled and be pleased with the work we have done. The installation of doors means protection and security of your property, this is why our company treats each order with care and professionalism.

Our customers are offered:

- the work done by professional door assembly workers: you can either order ready-made products or make an individual order that addresses the specific features of your premise;
- design solutions: selection of decorative and protective elements depending on the functions of your property;
- the work done by door installation workers: the neat and competent installation of new doors and, if necessary, the removal of the old ones. Each of our employees knows the specific characteristics of doors for various applications and of different manufacturers;
- installation of new locks varying by degrees of protection: from simple to technically sophisticated ones. All locks are carefully tested during assembling, installation and servicing of the door, in accordance with your desires. We are responsible for safety and security of the premises of our customers. Moscow Door Company means the knowledge of traditions and the usage of state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies for creation of unique protection objects. Our products combine several factors, such as affordability (standard and individual models), the variety of options, the high degree of security, and authentic design. You will get all of them, if you contact Moscow Door Company.