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Construction site Adux.Ru Adux specializes in wholesale and retail sales of construction materials, as well as in providing construction and decoration services for different facilities. The company offers assistance in creation of unique styles for all types of premises. The work of the company starts from exterior finishing elements and ends with interior arrangement (wallpaper style, various floor coverings and other materials).

When turning to Adux, you will have a chance to evaluate the quality of the materials we offer and the level of our service that you will undoubtedly appreciate. The basic range of our offers is quite wide:

- installation of window structures, louvers, curtain tracks – everything which is required for uniqueness of your windows;
- sales of wallpaper – various textures and materials;
- sales of laminate flooring, parquet, tiles and other floor coverings – from economy to premium class;
- textiles and fabrics of different types and many other things. You will find all these things in the online store. Adux means quality, reliability and confidence in the products you have selected. When decorating their premises, our customers can be sure that they get the most out of the services provided by the company and the company’s employees. The company always meets the wishes of the customers: if you have not found suitable materials in the product catalogue, the company is ready to create them for you. Design solutions and professional recommendations are at your service. The Adux staff includes professional employees only who are trained and selected for the performance of decoration work. The company understands the importance of each order and strives to embody the ideas of the customers to the full extent. Durability, technology, and guarantee–these are the components of successful renovation!