Repair and construction "A1 STROY"

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Repair and construction "A1 STROY" A1 STROY is a high profile player in the market of renovation and construction services. Ever since its foundation, our company has fulfilled a large number of various orders at all levels of complexity. All the employees, working on A1 STROY’s staff, are responsible professionals who carefully perform their duties. That is why our customers always get excellent results.

The list of A1 STROY’s operations includes the following services:

- Capital repair or improvement of private apartments or business offices;
- Construction and renovation of country mansions of any level of complexity;
- Designing of cottages and visualization of the future interiors. In addition to construction and renovation services, our company sells high-quality materials for self-performing repair operations. À1 STROY will be glad to cooperate with all companies which deal with construction and renovation and seek to widen their product and service range. We are sure that our cooperation will be mutually profitable and bring prosperity to our companies.