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About company RusBusinessGroup A business group is the result of integration of a network of companies working in different areas into a single structure for their optimization. The RBG business group (RusBusinessGroup) started its promotion in the service market in 2011 as a group of promising projects, specializing in various areas of activity. Within this short, by the standards of the contemporary business, period, our group has gone a long and thorny way from one Moscow-based office to a network of branches all over Russia. It is not occasional that our motto is ad astra per aspera (“by hard ways to the stars”). Drive, ambition, and professionalism have made our business group leaders in the service market.

RusBusinessGroup mostly places stakes on the HR policy: the mean age of the group employees does not exceed 30 years, and each of them has a higher education and dozens of advanced training courses (we strive to ensure that each of our employees develops its potential, thus contributing to the company’s benefit in general). Our employees are experienced in different areas: their distinctive feature is the knowledge of business strategies and management and psychology of entrepreneurship, which undoubtedly makes our business more successful. Such HR policy contributes to the implementation of a large number of innovations into the business processes, which allows RBG to be one step ahead of our competitors.

RBG is the first company in the Russian market which has applied the personality-oriented approach for working with each of their customers. “The check amount of the customer or his/her social status is irrelevant for us: the whole range of our services is available and selected with regard to the specific nature of the business of the customer. Any customer is, first of all, our friend who will always receive support from the RBG business group.” Our business group includes such companies, as the ADUX online construction hypermarket, Moscow Door Company, InterEvent, Westdoors, and IT Technologies Group, each of them being responsible for their core activity and specializing in individual projects within the common business strategy. Currently, RBG is developing its regional branch network to cover a wider customer audience. The ceremony of the branch opening is going to take place in the second largest Russian city, Saint Petersburg, in the near future. The detailed information on the branch opening ceremony will be available later and all our friends and customers will be invited to the opening ceremony.